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News: Get Your Gun Custom Painted

If Xboxes and cars get custom paint jobs (and even the occasional... nut sack...), maybe it's time you consider giving your gun a personality, too. HardCorps Weaponry is in the business of customized paint jobs for guns, and the good news is they've dropped their prices due to the poor economy. So choose your theme, and send yours on over. Or better yet, do-it-yourself. Can't be that hard, all you need are some stenciling and painting skills. So, if you're a gun toting, second amendment-spout...

News: Steal This Smoke Bomb Recipe

Known for being one of the most devious scoundrels of the sixties, rebel activist Abbie Hoffman went down in history (among other things) for his publication Steal This Book, a guide to living for free- "a manual of survival in the prison that is Amerika". Boing Boing has excerpted Hoffman's recipe for the perfect smoke bomb from the book, along with annotations on the process.

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