Ultimate Redneck Duel: Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher

Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher

Whether you like French electronica group Dancing Pigeons or not, must of us can appreciate a music video depicting a showdown between two rednecks, one armed with a flamethrower and the other armed with a fire extinguisher.

One word. Epic.

Director Tomas Mankovsky describes the how-to process behind the shoot:

It was difficult to know how this shootout would look like in superslowmo. We did some tests with a gas-flamethrower but the flame was only 2-3 meters and it looked quite bad in slowmo, so the special effects guys had to build a new flamethrower from scratch. They made one with liquid fuel, and that one was much better, firing out 10-15 meter flames. But the first time we saw how the flamethrower and fire extinguisher looked and behaved in slowmo was on the day of the shoot.


The fire extinguisher is quite weak. Wish they created an uber extinguisher.

yeah, the extinguishers consistency was all over the place.

for some reason almost every time I try to watch this video my page crashes... this doesn't happen with any other videos.

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