News: Remote Control Airborne Bomb

Remote Control Airborne Bomb

Remote Control Airborne BombFor just seventeen bucks you can wreak all sorts of havoc, thanks to online shop The Hobby King: a bomb designed for your remote control plane or helicopter.

Gizmodo reviews the weapon:

"Though RC bombs aren't exactly a new idea, Quanum's $17 kit seems simple and effective. The system sticks onto the underside of any RC aircraft, size .25 or larger, and can be triggered by an extra servo channel in your receiver.

The bomb itself is made of a durable nylon. You can fill it with any payload your fiendish heart desires. Packing it with chalk powder results in a nice plume of smoke; filling it with strawberry jam results in hilarity of some sort."

What a bad (re: fun) idea.

Get your own.

Remote Control Airborne Bomb



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