Loose Tooth + String + Rocket = Seriously. Daddy Said Yes to This?

Kinda hard to believe. But, as quoted via YouTube: "My son wanted to pull out his tooth his way....." And so he did. With a rocket.

Be forewarned: there's some seriously mushy father-son baby talk coming.


I would never subject my son to that... crazy!
Good thing its fake...
His hand on the launcher is blocking the string if the rocket is going up.
Nice setup though.... almost had me.

What makes you say its a fake?

His hands are on the controller in front of him, and the rocket string is behind that. The string would be tangled cause the rocket is pulling straight up, which would rip his hand first, before the tension would ever get to the tooth. I think they added a nice sound effect and then dad pulled the string off camera, downward, which is not where the rocket is being launched. Estes rockets are so fast, it would be nearly instantaneously pulled. Its just fake, and fairly obvious.

Looked real to me, I dont know my rockets however.

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