News: Hack a cell phone into a remote detonator

Hack a cell phone into a remote detonator

Consider this fantastic hack a safety tutorial for DIY pyrotechnics.

Come on. We've all orchestrated reckless backyard explosions. Why not cut the risk and enjoy the show from afar with this MacGyver-style mobile detonator?

Make a cell phone detonator


the only problem with that is transportation and the hazards of use...
that vibrator is free spinning when not activated hence if you sort of spin your phone you can hear is spin, cause such problems as premature detonation of your "fireworks" causing injury or death a slight modification would be to use the connectors that run to the electro-magnet that spins that vibrator and just sauter the wires to those

actually thats not how it works. it detonates when the phone is called, thus sending electricity to the vibrator which then passes through the vibrator and through your cables detonating whatever it is that you want to detonate.

is there anyway to make it like a timed bomb? with the cell phone alarm clock setting? or would that be pretty much same idea alarm goes off and boom

yep, you can make it timed with an alarm setting, or with some stopwatch applications that some phones have.

the phone just needs to send electricity to the vibrator, it doesnt matter how it does it. this method also works with your phone's speaker. rather than connecting the cables to your vibrator, you can connect it to the speaker.

What is that thing where the batteries are held in?

You see, I'm here for fun!!!!

1 problem is that you can blow up your cell phone and i dought you can get a replacment

Or why not take the leads going to the speaker, same principle, a call is placed, electricity flows to the speaker, albeit low amps, triggering your intifada loving muslim device of explosion.

How do you hook it up to a fuse or firework im confused adhd lol.

What is that a black battery at the end?

how can i download it?????

I love the part where it says "Don't become a terrorist"! XD

hell yeah, this is a pretty sweet detonator

that sucks! you could lose your phone!

one you've made it how do you use it to light a fuse? When you call it the electricity turns on but how do you use that to light a fuse? :S please tell me someone!

hmm... is there anyway you can wire in a fuse so it couldnt damage the phone just in case? id be more worried about my sim card, not the phone. also, why is the battery pack needed? is the electrical charge coming from the vibrator not producing enough voltage??

the vibrater i think isnt the charge it just complete circuit for the batteries you could just touch wires together but you might be sad

F@#$ing Expensive Detonator, but cool to use

I don't think we should propagate further this terrorist knowledge as it might be abused to kill innocent people.

true that

How can I view this clip it just says the clip isnt live, anyone have any ideas?

yip thats wat it says how u watch it?

wat do u need to connecct to the aligator clips to da fuse...

What happens when someone calls a wrong number, and that number just happens to be that cell phone?

hi wat do u connect the to yellow to in the cell fone bit confuison?

dear nerd king, you would turn it off when you weren't using it, as well as detach it. When it is on, the chances someone would call it by accident as you were using it are quite slim.

I love this video, its amazing and right up my ally, but i felt some machanical parts would have been easier to grasp with a vocal lesson, or just MORE stickynotes when explaining how the vibrating movmet would complete the cuircit, and where to put those 2 wires connecting to the phone. I know they connect to the screws, but where would they connect inside of the phone? Kuddos on the vid. I'd really like to learn more about this kind of stuff. *so tank you* X}

im assuming by like an electrical field generated around spinning piece but i would check 4 current before attach an explosive

this is a bad idea

Cool and useful

by a cheap track phone and make this

That sounds like a good way to destroy your cell phone

The vibrator simply connects the circuit. If you notice the vibrator wheel is almost like a half circle. when it's placed correctly it isn't touching the wires that lead to the external power source(4 AA batteries). When the call is made the wheel spins thus touching (and connecting) the two wires and completing the circuit. The external batteries are the power source that will make the charge necessary for ignition. The phone can be programmed to vibrate only when the predetermined number calls thus eliminating any accidental calls triggering the device. And yes the two wires in a cell phone from the output (like the ringer) can be used to deliver a flow of electricity as an alternative means of ignition. Also the alarm clock can be set to vibrate causing the same effect. But I find that cell phone batteries are limited in holding a charge of up to 7 days without charging. Beepers on the other hand are cheaper they vibrate, don't have to have a legal name associated with them, and hold a charge for up to 3 weeks. Just a thought. Also prepaid phones don't require names, or credit card numbers I realize this but they still don't have the long range battery retention of a beeper.

I'm just kidding about the JTITOR name. and PLEASE DONT USE this imformation for anything illegal or to cause harm to anyone its just a detonator it can detonate beautiful fireworks or tragic mishaps be careful use responsibly.

wow... its dengerous

This video crosses the line in my opinion between sharing fun home made fireworks and model rocket designs and sharing information that could be used by potential terrorists. This video should be removed. I am all for free speech, and for people being able to make cheap home made fireworks, but we as beneficiaries of those rights should use enough common sense to use discretion.

could u use a 6 volt torch battery instead of 4 aa batteries could u e mail me on

It's still not clear to me how you attach the wires to the vibrator though. just lay them under the ' halve tube ' vibrator? (that wont give a costant current would it? only for a brief moment while the vib. touch it in it's spin.

What model Nokia is this?

where i should place the wires,, should they touch the vibrator or what?? plz anyone reply,,,thanx :)

I am actually using this for fireworks... nothing more... ^___^ thnx JITTOR!

i don't understand how to connect the wires to the vibrator please answer my question

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