Friday Fresh: Have A Very Naughty Christmas

Have A Very Naughty Christmas

Let's face it - Christmas can be very tame. Caroling. Wreathes. Cookies. All very nice, but where's the mischief? After opening presents, you've got nothing to do but wait for the next meal. Below, three ways to amp up your Christmas.

Turn your Christmas lights into electric igniters

Who said you had to save your Christmas lights for next year? Turn them into something much more impractical and fun. In this video, you'll be shown how to turn your Christmas lights into electric igniters with only a few tools from around the house.

Destroy your fruitcake

Nobody ever, ever, eats the fruitcake. But why let it go to waste? In this video, you'll learn several ways to demolish this brick of a dessert called fruitcake, from turning it into a doorstop to firing it from a rocket. 

Play a Christmas prank on your friend

We're not sure your friend will still be your friend after this prank. Certainly you're not going to get any actual presents. But we think it's worth the hilarity.

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