News: DARPA Develops Explosive Blocking Mega-Shield

DARPA Develops Explosive Blocking Mega-Shield

DARPA Develops Explosive Blocking Mega-ShieldDARPA has released footage of the Iron Curtain, a pretty impressive shield system that will protect armored vehicles from oncoming explosives. With $8 million in Army approved funds, DARPA will continue to develop the system and test in July of 2010.


"Mounted atop a vehicle, the Iron Curtain has three essential parts: a radar to detect the incoming RPG, an optical sensor that can scan the weapon and determine the best place to strike within half an inch, and an explosive countermeasure that destroys the RPG a fraction of second before it hits. The nature of the countermeasure prevents the RPG warhead from exploding properly."


Iron Curtain FTW (remember C&C?)

C&C Music Factory was the heat

This will only work against physical attacks, if the enemy got smart and decided to use high-intensity IR, the vehicle would be screwed plus the very expensive "iron curtain" system too. In addition to that, if you use high-intensity IR on the laser scanner for imminent impact that it shows and fry it, the people inside the vehicle wouldn't know and the enemies would know that the vehicle is now vulnerable because they just eliminated it's protection system.

this isn't going to work, just aim and shoot at the damm iron curtain thing itself duh!!

just shoot the sensor box sticking out at the top of the roof. or just shoot two rpgs at once.

Hooray! The guys in the humvee are safe from anyone who shoots them exactly side on from ground level provided that there is nothing to interfere with the view or radar and provided that the system doesn't malfunction!

Technology is a great thing!

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