News: Blow up 100,000 caps at once

Blow up 100,000 caps at once

Blow up 100,000 caps at once Cap guns are fun, but shooting one off won't likely live up to nostalgic childhood memories. The bang is far less scary than we remember. Step up the impact: create some serious explosive fun with 100,000 caps.

This simple yet puerile instructional from our favorite punks at ShootingEggs is a two step process. First, roll up a ball of caps to about the size of a softball. Last, place it on a post and shoot the ball with a BB gun.

This is gobs more gratifying than hitting beer cans with a pellet rifle.

Make a 100,000 cap ball explosion




what a waste of time


i love to coke binge

hahaha sweet

GO BIGGER.....and then drop it from a 10 story building on someones car....

That is too funny. Just fun. Love that.

Pretty tight gotta be honest..

thats awsome!

cool vid.

haha anyone want to play catch with that ball

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