News: The Biggest Manmade Fireworks Ever

The Biggest Manmade Fireworks Ever

Big fireworks loving cities like Washington or New York think nothing of spending several million dollars to celebrate July 4th. 40,000 Class A firework shells exploding over the Hudson River, launched from six barges manned by 80 lucky pyromaniacs is tonight's treat.

But when it comes to shock and awe, no one competes with the money and technological innovation of Uncle Sam. The Hydrogen bomb, of course, is the mother of all explosions. Back in 1962, having absolutely obliterated an atoll in the Pacific with one ground test, Uncle Sam decided to test the H-bomb in the sky. There has never been a more potent fireworks display than those from the Pacific Proving Grounds. 

Happy 4th. Enjoy the mother of all Fireworks displays.     

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