How To: Turn duct tape into a fiery torch

Turn duct tape into a fiery torch

How to Turn duct tape into a fiery torch

This nifty video tutorial will help you turn duct tape into a fiery torch. It's true... duct tape really can be used for anything!

In order to make this duct tape torch, you'll obviously need some duct tape along with a cigarette lighter (or matches) and a long piece of ordinary wood found lying around the house. You just have to wrap a bunch of duct tape around one end of the wood and light it on fire. Just be careful of the flaming drip and the toxic fumes from the engulfed tape, which means only use it in well ventilated areas, like outdoors. If you wrap the duct tape right, this burning torch could last for up to thirty minutes.


one suggestion, to get it started dip it in petrol or metho or something

lol thats so cool

Hey, that duct tape thing is not very good. However, I just had an idea for a use for it. You could use it to light firework on The Fourth of July.

I used medical tape :P

i make a duct tape casing and fill it with home made napalm burns for hours even in rain

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