How To: Mod a cigarette lighter for a bigger flame

Mod a cigarette lighter for a bigger flame

See how you can mod a cigarette lighter for a bigger flame in this video tutorial. You just need one of those cheap disposable cigarette lighters and a little fingerwork to get that flame sky high! This lighter hack is perfect for... uh... big flames! Yeah!



your not even old enough to own a lighter!

Easy stuff.

hahaha the dollar store by my houser has packs of three of those cheap-o lighters. they don't care that I'm fourteen. thanks for the tutorial, i liked it. I made on by accident once, last year, cuz i was tweaking with it. So i was scared of it cuz this thing shot out 6 inches. hahahaha. so i could tell it apart from my other lighters i wrapped the clear,plastic part of the lighter in electrical tape, iso it was a sexy black ligter. lol.

awesome! thx im doing this to all my lighters!

nice vid but it dont sound like you should even have a lighter. sounding like a 6 year old

im afriad to light it now :D

My friend used to do this trick all the time and it's awesome! But I really wish they didn't call it a cigarette lighter.

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