How To: Make a tiny matchstick rocket

Make a tiny matchstick rocket

This cool video tutorial will teach you how to make a rocket with a few simple things. You'll need matches and cigarette box paper. That's it? Yep. Matchsticks and cigarette paper. Then, with a little work, you'll have a very cool miniature explosive rocket. Wrap, fold, position it, light it, 3...2...1... FIRE! Watch this how-to video and learn how to make a matchstick rocket.


is there anything else i could use instead of cigarette box paper?

ps. love the music

Yeah, the video said you could also use aluminum foil

Where can I get that music! I would love to have it as a ringtone!

lol its a bit random lol :)


watch it,thedrummer1,this video is rated A,and one of the best,it does not takes more than 30 seconds to make this 1

i like the one at 58 seconds where the guy goes "Aaaaaaaah!!!" i was cracking up :D i replayed that part like 5 times. gotta try this out. nice work

whats the music called

cool music

cool video :) but kinda boring when u try

i think you can better spend a bit money for good firework

LOL im goin to #$%@ some bitches up with this! LMFAO

i was going to make a big one...then i was like...ill just go buy bottle rockets....DERRRR !

I also would like to know if there is a substitute for cigerete box paper.

sweet :) I'm lovin it

good exampel of playing with fire

WOW, my mom would never let me do that. It would be cool at a bar where every one is on the beers and not payin attention.

awesome your cool dude

guys, not interested. realy need to know to hack akount on daitng site

that was random!

so uncool

iv'e tried with tin foil...not working.
the tin foil just went on fire till the fire made a hole in it and the match lighten.

@1234 you should, hold 2 matches together where one match-head is slightly below the other, then take 1,5"x2,5" peace of aluminum foil and wrap it tightly around the 2 matches. The peace of aluminum that sticks out above the match should then be folded down over the matches tightly. Now position the "rocket" in, for example, the lip of a soda can. Now light the rocket at the lower positioned match. Have fun. Should shoot about 3 feet.

this is awesome..

pyromaniacs ftw

may be kewl but its also a great way to burn urself

what the #$%@ you wanna burn yourself?


i've tried this and it only fired once... will sum1 tell me wat im doing wrong???

No match for the Home guard I think .. Have to stick to the usual strike pattern. No need for swanning around.

I remember this in high school fun times

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