How To: Make a thermite pyro cake

Make a thermite pyro cake

How to Make a thermite pyro cake

Make a cake the Shooting Eggs way... watch this video tutorial to see how to make a thermite pyro cake. Just keep in mind, this is a very stupid idea and very dangerous. Try at your own risk!

Start with two pounds of thermite, add a cup of cigarette lighters, a 7.62 rifle round, a handful of 9mm rounds and .22 rounds, x2 bottle rockets, a bunch of paper caps, and finally... a condom, for safety. Mix well, then prepare your baking tin made from camping gas, heat resistant tubing, and duct tape. Add your mix and top with nail gun drivers and a pinch of matches. Now heat.


adding the bullets seems like a really dumb idea otherwise great fun.

That's not a termite cake...

right on brother

Bah, That's what Chuck Norris eats for breakfast every morning....

where the crap do we get bullets?

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