How To: Make a tennis ball smoke bomb

Make a tennis ball smoke bomb

In this how to video, learn how you can make a smoke bomb out of a tennis ball. Please use caution when following this tutorial.


Dude, you sure you did it right?I mean i've seen other videos of that and everyone makes it diffrent... So i don't know who to listen to. By the way where can i get Potassium Nitrate? Thnaks Bye.

You can get Potassium Nitrate from common garden supply stores. It is found in most fertilizers but if you want better quality go for tree stump remover it produces military grade smoke bombs. Trust me I know, this recipe that makes even better smoke bombs.

that was gay you shouldnt even try

show us how good you think it works cause that stupid

i watched the results from the description link on youtube. thats one of the best ones i've seen. really portable and loads of smoke. just try to use it when there is no win d so you get a big cloud n ot stream

its okay but i cant get stump from where to get kno3

where is the explosion

can some one please write me the working recepie


if you add a little sulphur it makes a stink smoke bomb


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