How To: Make steel wool fireworks

Make steel wool fireworks

How to Make steel wool fireworks

This how-to video shows you how to make fireworks out of steel wool. Throw away those lame sparklers and start celebrating like this! You'll of course need some steel wool, then a coat hanger, a 9v battery, and some pliers. Independence Day never looked so good. These steel wool fireworks will amaze everyone on your block. If fireworks are illegal in your state, build your own. Watch this instructional video and learn how to make fireworks with some steel wool.


I had so much fun doing this back in High School. Steel Wool a 9 volt battery = the birth of my love for fire.

and the sparks dont hurt when they touch you?

Nope. Just feels like little bits of sand bouncing off your skin.

Wow... that looks really dangerous..... Oh, well.... Hey, what grade of steel wool do you need?

Excuse my ignorance... But I can't get the video to play. I click the "play" button (duh...), and nothing happens. It doesn't say buffering or anything. It just has some buttons on the side (Info, add-ons, scenes, links, related...). How do I get it to play?
I click the "5min" button at the top left corner of the video, and it brings me to the website it's hosted on, but it still won't play. All the other videos on here work (as long as they aren't uploaded to the 5min website). How to fix?

Mojobo1, I suggest checking if your flashplayer is updated on your computer. If it is already, well then, you need to check your computer out.

check for latest updates on your media player

dude this is so awsome!!!!

If you want to know which type of grade wool, I think it is normal cheap steel wool. I have done some research, and mostly in UK they provide course grade steel wool which are 5 and 6. So, I am guessing regular would go well, which can be possibly found at your local hardware store.

dude i was just doing this last night

you dont have to do all that #$%@ that you just did right there just light it with a battery or a match and spin it in ur hand or tie it to a line its a lot better in brazil we do this a lot

i did somthing like that before but caught my dads hammock on fire. he got so mad at me =(

dude if u did something like that in america u would get like 10 years in jail -.- #$%@ america man

yes, #(#(#(#(#( america
they hate steel wool - crack pipes/fireworks alike

^^im pretty sure these kids are american^^
looks fun


it goes aroun aroun around arOUD AROUD AROUDAROUDAROUDAROUD!!!!!!!!

that looks amazing...i wonder which genious came up with that idea lol

LOL! that looks friken awesome! i have to try this xDD i seriusly LMAO when that did it xDD

this is awesome !!!!!! he is good .me trying this

cant believe I never heard or saw this before.Total freak out. Trouble is that when one kid sees u do it.Within an hour the whole block will be doing it for months.Than u have to worry about fires and thats no fun.But one day I will have to try this.But make sure u also wear safty eyewear.These are hot little bits of steel flying around.Eyewear is a MUST. My bro in law will love this.Hey there Lumpy.

I live in America but own my own land so I can do it.:)

This is really fun, and it's not as dangerous as it looks because the steel wool burns fast and at a not-so-high temperature... I never thought of ignition with a battery though.

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