How to Make a sparkler rocket for under five dollars

Would you like to make your very own sparkler rocket for under five dollars?

Well, this video tutorial will show you how to make your very own sparkler rocket for under $5. Just get the materials: Pliers, cardboard tube, electrical tape, wire snippers, sparklers, paper, glue, and razor blade, then just follow the instructions in this video.

You'll have as a finished project, a nice sparkler firework that will explode up into the air like it's Fourth of July. Just light the sparkler ignition and watch it fly afire.


dude mine cost $7.50
but good video

that was good but you should of shown it going off


awsome dude yuo got me so into rocket but my is so better mine cost 12,980 and it can go about 14,000 feet up so thanks for the clue...

is there anyone that's acctually tried this?

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