How to Make a smoke bomb from potassium nitrate and sugar

It's easy to watch a smoke bomb, all you have to do is watch this weapons video. Although not really weapon, the smoke bomb could be devastating, causing a thick layer of smoke for hard breathing, or for simple concealment. Maybe you just want to make a smoke grenade for a science project, but either way... it's fun.

You'll need some ingredients, like potassium nitrate (KNO3), sugar and heat. make sure you wear your gloves, safety glasses and a lab coat. All you have to do is mix the potassium nitrate and sugar together and heat on a hot plate, until nice and thick. To light it, put inside a container and light with a fuse, or just light it with a fuse by itself. Smoke bombs don't get any easier than this.


were can we you get potassium nitrate in canada cause i live in canada :)

you can go to a co-op agricultural store with proper licensing or get a farmer to sell you some. its a common fertilizer. a 30lb bag for about 28 canadian

in some drug store, but its a little bit expansive. On Ebay if you find someone IN (because I dont think its past the customs) Canada with a good price its a good way to have some.

were can you get potassium nitrate in texas

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