How To: Make slower combustion powder

Make slower combustion powder

How to Make slower combustion powder

This shows you how to make slower combustion powder in few minutes. Simple step by step instructions. Amazing and Fun! You need nuts, potassium nitrate, a sifter, nutcracker and lighter.


VERY nice video, to the point, conveys info even without narrative. LOVED the filming aspects. Info was great too. BUT.

Okay, I get everything, we are left hanging at the end though.
What are the purportions to the main mix? What has been tried? What worked, what didn't work? AND, what nuts
did you use? I see Walnuts, Almonds ... does it matter?

A top video,, but felt a bit let down in the end.
And yes, my nephew was the room mate of the UC Davis
"bomb nut" from this year. Smart kid, I guess. BIG no no
to bring that kind of "homework" back to the dorm.

I gave only a B+, because I felt "unsatisfied" in the end.
I mean, AT the end ... of your video.

Tommy Jansson

thats alright but u could just add sugar its way cheaper than nuts lol

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