How To: Make a "slammy" firecracker

Make a "slammy" firecracker

How to Make a "slammy" firecracker

The time has come for your to make your own firecrackers. Not just firecrackers though, slammy firecrackers. What's a slammy firecracker you ask. Well, you slam it on the ground and wait for the boom, um... pop.

This video will show you how to make this cool firework that is safe for most children. Just get some hot glue, paper, little firecrackers, and matches.


I burnt the #$%@ out of my finger doing this

That's kind of cool. I like the concept of it and it could be used to make weight triggered land mines with higher grade explosives but isn't that a whole lot of hassle for a single firecracker? In the same amount of time it took to make this, you could have lit about 100 with a lighter or emptied 50 out into a small cardboard tube and put a wick in it and had your own M-80.

sick man

You can buy around seven fireworks with the money you gotta give for this crap, plus it's not safe.

Good, except you have to use a new matchbox for every two firecrackers.

wrap a firecracker in duct tape it'll be louder

or tear one in half it won't go off i scared the sh*t outta people running after them with it

Would strike anywhere matches and sandpaper work better? Then you wouldnt have to buy so many matchboxes.

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