How To: Make a screecher bomb

Make a screecher bomb

This is a video tutorial on how to make a screecher bomb out of fireworks.


its too bad it doesn't show him actually blowing it up.

how to build a screecher bomb:
get a screecher bomb. take out insides and put into another container. done.

if your not carful friction can igniet the screecher

You are not making anything, You are only transferring materials to another container. Anyone can do this. The only thing screecher about it is where the explosive materials come from. Not very inventive at all.

This vid is quite pointless why would u waste ur time transferring the damn components to an another container if u could just lite the damn thing already! -______-

Step one: Buy a screecher bomb.
Step two: rip the gunk out, put it in a bottle and light it.
Seriously? Jebus.

Completely pointless video.
He just ripped up a firework, put it in a bottle and made a crappier looking firework.

Man, he didn't show it blowing up... I like to see what happens, even if I know what would happen...

vot is the thiis? how to make schreecher bomb:

step 1 : get a schreecher bomb.

az my nefyou saying sometimes : wottafok?!

make a screecher bomb out of a screecher wats ur problem man

pile of #$%@ tbh

lame #$%@ next time blow it up

wait wait wait ... wait... . . . wait... . ... you're telling me how to make a screecher bomb out of... another screecher bomb?? wtf???

u already have a screacher bomb y are u taking it apart to make anothr one

Ha-ha you can buy a Firework very cheap.

I suppose you could use this method to add more powder than the standard firework has. You know to make one big firework out of a few fireworks.

Y do that if you could just buy the screecher bomb your just puting a screecher bomb in to another container

How To Make A Screacher Bomb:
step 1 : get a Screacher Bomb... WTF

never make the hole for the fuse at the top..... newb mistake. always make it going in to powder at bottom of bomb. just for safety... common sense lo;

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