How To: Make rocket fuel or r-candy

Make rocket fuel or r-candy

How to Make rocket fuel or r-candy

Here is the recipe for rocket fuel home brew:
400 gram pottasium nitrate ( KNO3 )
200 grams suger
4 dl /400 ml water ( H2O )
80 grams corn-syrup

6 Comments long should i heat the mixture on stove?...Can i ignite that stuff with a Match or Cigarette Lighter?..Is it neccessary to make it hard..or it'll work if its soft??

Great! Very stable burn. Is the water necessary? I have seen it done for smoke bombs without water and syrup, taken to a dark peanut butter color. But I like the way that yours burned better.

If it were housed in a tube with a small opening that concentrated the output, would it propel a small rocket skyward?

this guy is a few clowns short of a circus! making smiley faces and taking the stuff out and playing with it just to put it back in!

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