How To: Make rocket candy or fuel

Make rocket candy or fuel

How to Make rocket candy or fuel

Looking for something to power your model rocket? Look no further! This tutorial has all the ingredients and instructions for making that rocket fly! This video shows how to make rocket fuel out of recrystallized sugar and kn03 (potassium nitrate) Very interesting.


A nice vid, informative and clear instructions

Clear and to the point... Bravo! Do we really need to see others cutting paper strips for 5 minutes? (Clue. Select NO).

Heads up contributors, this is how you do it. GET TO THE POINT,
quick and cleaver cuts and a sound track that lets you HEAR
what is being said. And PLEASE skip the crappy garageband
background music for everyones sake!

I hope everyone appreciates this contribution. This is NOT a wrap the match in gum foil bar trick addition!

Tommy Jansson,

Hey, if anybody actualy reads these posts please answer, can I use any kind of syrup?

Can you eat that???????

I tried this, it tastes disgusting :(

its proly not a good idea b/c ive heard potassium nitrate is good 4 ur heart in some cases but can be very irritating causing rashes and is bad 4 ur lungs.

no maple syrup

t'was great...How long can the fuel be stored?..And..Where do you get pottasium nitrate?

great instructions. wonder if you can cgange the flame color

u could prolly change the color with manesium powder or different types of metals mixed in. potassium nitrate i think is a common fertilizer found in hardware stores.

that is so cool

Truly enjoyed your video! It was very well organized and easy to keep up with, never pacing through too quickly. Thank you for taking the time to make such a well instructive video.

I wish you could just make this in a large quantity like in a pot. it just would not come out with consistency.

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