How To: Make a pull ring for a smoke grenade

Make a pull ring for a smoke grenade

Sick of the same old bomb-making videos? Well, this one might peak your interest, even if it doesn't tell you exactly how to make the smoke part. Check this out to see how to make a pull ring for a smoke grenade.

To make a pull-ring, you'll need some matches, a matchbox with strikers, electrical tape, a rubber band and a piece of wire or a key chain loop. Once the pull ring ignitor is made, insert it into your smoke bomb. If you want to know how to make a smoke grenade, search wonderhowto for "build orange smoke bombs."


very smart indeed

i see

what, no time delay,

the smoke was still sick

ur 1 clever mother#$%@er


I must say, you have done some good research on making the pull ring tirgger. But, I would also place duct tape inside the second cardboard tube (for more hand protection when pulling the trigger). Overall, this video is quite outstanding, hopefully I can get on making my own smoke grenades.


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awesome dudes ur cool

to add delay, you can add bakingsoda to your smoke mixture

he did in his other vid

heres the instructions to make the smoke bomb
Potassium Nitrate
(Salt peter found in garden shops)


Baking soda

Organic Powdered Dye
(Found in Hobby Shops)

60g of Potassium to 40g of Sugar
Stir on low heat.
Sugar will start to caramelise.
Stir until it looks like Penut butter.
Add a spoonful of baking soda.(slows combustion)
Add 3 Large spoonfuls of Dye.(Orange and Blue work best)
Fill card tube with mix.
Shove a thick pen down middle.
Let set for 1 hour.
remove pen.
Insert Firework fuse.
secure it in place with a little cotton.
Wrap in duct tape.(leave hole in top middle)
Light(outside) and enjoy!

ive tryed this and everytime i get it to look like the peaunt butter and add the baking soda it rises up and it looks like fluffly stuff and then i add it to the tube and let it dry and then light it. it acts like a rocket motor. i dont know what i do wrong do you think you can help me ?

Quick, easy, informative.

do you insert the fuse while the mixture is still wett

sweet! waaay better then having to light a fuse in a quick situation

made this and threw it into a Buger King, everyones hits the floor, i hopped the counter and took a cash register. what im sayin is THIS IS WIN

ha ha awsum so it really works for the getaways nd steeling junk? no one cud see or anything!

Did u get caught after wards

Awesome....where do i find rest of the videos?

lol i did this once accept i had no patience so i put the salt and sugar in a pot but on high and mixed it for like five minits cause its supposed to take like 30 and it didnt work at all and it smelt like #$%@

Yeah thats a pretty cool trick! do ya think it works fir a fast gettaway, like after you get caught?

for the ring u can take a extinguisher ring, i stole so many from my shool XD

Btw my grenade doesnt make much smoke but if u dont have dye take sulfur and it will become gray take around 20g of sulfur

u got something for maro smoke, i make 100 salpeter and 60g sugar

Genius!!! I am off to do one!!

Not new to me BUT still cery Awsome.

this is the #$%@. when i first saw this i was like no way! but when i made one that worked, YEAH BABY!!!!!!!

do you wrap the whole pull ring thing with duct tape?

not excellent but not bad

what does he put in the straw in the beggining

can u post a link on how to make the orange powder thing
can we put other stuff in it instead of the orange poweder

Nice work dude!!!

Very cool thing i think i´m gonna make it....just hope i wont be black when i come

what to put to get red smoke ?

That was so cool!! where do i go to find out how to make the smoke mixture?

sweet!that looks fun for my paint ball wars

nice job, made a few now, not quite as good as yours. Mine seem to take a little longer to light, and I get a fountain of flames. but less smoke. any advice?

This guy says to check out his other videos......but it doesn't show who he is or how to get to his profile. Can someone help me? I want to make the orange smoke bomb, but i can't find the right vid.

It's in the description box. His channel is listed as "creator site". Click on the link by that. Easy.

What is the thing that the creator put the straw in and then surrounded the straw with matches? Some sort of metal tube?

It is just the straw, then surrounded it with matches, and taped it all together

awesome! great thinking!

Do you put on each of the tissue? Side?


Can i put liquid dye?

I can't get the paper clip to ignite the matches. I don't see how it can make a spark. Are there any other ways that are going to work 100%?

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