How To: Make a Ping-Pong ball smoke bomb

Make a Ping-Pong ball smoke bomb

This video tutorial shows you everything you will need to create your own Ping-Pong smoke bomb. Variations can be made, such as increasing the number of Ping-Pong balls inside the aluminum foil. So, stay tuned and see how to create a mini-smoker. Ventilation will be needed if you're not smart enough to go outside. If you're also not smart enough to realize that safety is key, then you shouldn't even be trying this. Otherwise, have fun with this Ping-Pong ball smoke screen bomb.


out of dozens of videos i have seen best one with one ping pong ball

yea, u dont want to put 2 much or the whole thing will just catch fire, a better way to do that is to cut the pingpong ball into little pieces, it seems to last longer

WOW ! Dident know u could really do this.I always loved the movie "Stalog 13" now I know it was really done.Cool, but dont try this at home.

i will so make that and use it

suks!!!!! and your acsent is real wierd

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