How To: Make a pine needle smoke bomb

Make a pine needle smoke bomb

This how to video is about how to make a smoke bomb using pine needles and no ping pong balls. 1.Place tissues(3 to 4)in tin foil,the tissues should be incasing the green pine needles.2.Fluff,or rip tissues so that they catch fire easier.3.Light up!!.4.Continue lighting until either there is no tissue left,(which is what should happen first)or there is no green pine needles left.


that was pathetic... at least make it huge so it has some effect.... fag


That is so stupid it does not belong on here.
I agree withBI4ck_kNif3.
awful and dumb.

Thats what she said

i thought it was good.


um that was a waist of my time

ok what you want is not pine needles but tree sap and wrap it in a green leaf

the lite it on fire and it lets off quite a bit of smoke

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