How To: Make Newspaper Smoke Bombs

Make Newspaper Smoke Bombs

This how to video demonstrates how high-output smoke bombs can be created using materials commonly found around the household or easily purchased at any supermarket. Approximately 25 smoke bombs can be made for only 2 bucks worth of expendable materials! Caution: The following video should be viewed for reference use only. Always take appropriate safety precautions when working with chemicals.

You should also avoid coming into contact with any of the chemicals used or smoke produced. Consider consulting with a professional chemist or pyro-technician before attempting anything in this video. Don't attempt anything you see here without proper training and supervision.


So the smoke is highly toxic then?

I baught the suplies for 350 bucks...did i get ripped off?

You are either lying or you're incredibly stupid.

Seems like it would be a central nervous system irritant
because of the Blue Cobalt in cold packs I think it will
screw up your nose too :)

Can the paper be ground up after being soaked?

were can u buy cold packs

is it dangerous to your lungs?

yeah... so... that's kinda... DEADLY TOXIC O.O

i wana try this

Thought this would be cool to know.Than I remembered that the little round smokebombs are only about 3.00 for a doz. And legal.Not to mention really hurting yourself trying to do this.Cant help but wonder how this is even on the net.Whats next ? "How to take over the world by those 2 little mice.Stinky and the brain. I think.

wat a geek yeah its toxic

WANNA DO THAT In my home but im only Child

can you make it different colors?


mine wouldnt ignite even after a couple of days of drying. what was in your cold packs? mine had ammonium chloride an urea

nvm i wasnt paying atention

nethier of those work..u need to use one with ammonium nitrate

Not only is this highly toxic and a stupid way to make smoke bombs, but you smacking your lips when listing the items needed was really pissy.

simple and efficient~
good video (Y)

If anyone cares to know the chemical that is found in the cold packs is ammonium nitrate which is an oxidizer and you can just use ammonium nitrate for the smoke bomb

can i add color to dis smoke bomb?smbody pls help me:)

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