How To: Make mushroom fireballs with cigarette lighters

Make mushroom fireballs with cigarette lighters

This is a unique and amazingly easy to do trick! Watch this video to see how to make those magnificent mushroom fireballs burst out of those junk lighters. Don't let those police sirens scare you away though. Just remember people, as with any trick, safety comes first. Use common sense. Make the night light up with simple BiC cigarette lighters.


Nice little trick. I thought you said your were going to shut the hell up. Maybe I heard wrong. Rambling on...........and on...............and on..................

stop drinking you keep repeating yourself!
but keep the tricks comeing.

the dogs like wtf

awesome sir

lol sweet. and ur dogs funny he ran up to it an boom lol

cant wait to try it


sweet dude, why would you even try putting it in your mouth in the first place and tell us about it because if you dont want people to try doing it with it in your mouth dont mention it man, lol awsome show though

ha worked!!! next time i need 2 take a vid.

Nice trick dude... that was awsome!

can it blow up faster?

Dis is dangerous i put it in my anus and it blew up my bum hole!!!

cool vid. I wonder, has anyone ever tried to light up one of these things using one of the blue burning lasers seen in other vids?

awsome vid damn im goin to get like 7 of them and do it

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