How To: Make the most putrid stink bomb ever

Make the most putrid stink bomb ever

Kipkay shows you how to make a rancid, nasty, stink bomb in this video tutorial that burns hair and rubber bands. So get out those sparklers you've been dying to play with, those rubber bands, a little bit of newspaper, some matches, and of course -- hair. This is a great rank stink bomb equipped with a little surprise ending, just check out the how-to video.


i think this is quite imaginative. it seems original, and not particularly copy cat to come up with hair and sparklers. the notion of putrid is well sold

i bet this is categorized as an act of terror
as i type im signing up for the watch list - no fly list for life

did you fall off your horse or something?

I dont understand the negative feedback for this comment. She is saying it is really effective as a foul smelling device. Everyone else who has praised this thing's offensive-odour-producing-abilities has been given positive feedback.

very original, cheap, and effective. burnt hair smells really bad!
ferrets have a bad smell I wonder ferret hair will do a better effect? and I guess dog hair would work to especially if the dog hasn't had a wash?

how many sparklers should be used in this experiment, it looked like he used one packed total?

you can use one or two, depending on how many sparks you want.


Seems cool, but burning rubber bands is really bad for the eviroment...would it work with just hair?


it really does

yes it does! thanks for reminding everyone of that XD =^.^=

It extremely matters.

ummm try using tape instead of rubber band that seems like the best solutions and maybe of just goin on fire it'll blow up a little just add more sparkler dust ( i dunno if it'll work but if it does it'll be cool) the more the better..... but be careful....

maybe you can tie it together with some string, not tape as that is plastic and also bad for environment. put tie it very tight... i guess the rubber bands really add to the smell.

what do you mean its bad for the enviroment at campouts i have we burn bottles and all our trash in the fire, so what!!!!!

it realy doesnt matter

im going to do that this weekend :D

Are you the same dude who explained how to make a stink pen??

cheap and effective. This is Alright.

deffinetly is

Loaf would give people his hair,but his Fleas would be homeless then!

LOL! that was actualy pretty funny, porbaly smells realy bad....

do u have to use sparklers or can u use matches

i think u can use either!

dude thats so awesome!

does it work aaaaa sick i am going to try it

Ugh! Burnt hair is the most foulest thing ever.

Simple,Cheap and it works gotta try that

tryed it but without the sparklers and got hair of my sisters brush worked really good

HEY EVERYONE!!! I just found this video about the most putrid stink bomb ever.....

Who wants to go see a video about how to make an airsoft gun

HEY jake2k9. what are you talking about if you have to use sparklers or matches

That was the fukn smelliest thing ever great job

just tried this OMFG IT SMELLS

lol, that's pretty cool. I have a smelly dog, might do that at school.


Mixing human and animal hair makes it smell the worst. Also, you could crush a little piece of sulphur rock and add a sprinkle to the mix. That makes it smell even worse in my experience. Remember to have in mind where you light this at. Dry grass or brush on the ground = trouble! I always do stuff like this out in the driveway.

XD "my cat loves it"

its co0l.. haha.. i tried it at school and thrown it in the faculty.. its cheap and effective to annoy..

can i use match heads????????????

i can smell it thru the computer!

frigin thing sssstinks.


you guya crack me up gotta stop looking what you guys are saying b4 i start to lmao and get #$%@d of the computer at school

that is very nasty, but rubber band smoke may be harmful. Also dont try sulfur.

is there a way to do it w/0 sparklers? i dnt have any >.>

@dinosawrus: sparklers dosent have a good smell so it adds a bit and helps burning, but match heads or entire matches can do it. so yes

I would like to know of this great idea when I was in school D:!!

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