How To: Make mini chemical fire starters

Make mini chemical fire starters

Harness the power of the classic potassium permanganate and glycerin reaction to make very effective miniature chemical fire starters. These chemical fire starters are easy to make, and great for camping trips. Just be very careful!

You will need: potassium permanganate, glycerin, two empty pill capsules, dropper, measuring spoon, and a small piece of paper. On your camping trip, make sure you take some cotton, too, so it's easier to start the campfire.


Yay I love fire its the coolest thing ever(actually Halo 3 is better).

If you live in the U.S., You can get them from They are called ChemFire Capsules, And they are rather affordable (and they do work great!)

the chemfire does not worke

@ice74 Where are you from? Have you tried them? I love them...

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