How To: Make a match head ping pong ball cherry bomb

Make a match head ping pong ball cherry bomb

How to Make a match head ping pong ball cherry bomb

If you're tired of playing ping pong, here's the perfect solution for those left over ping pong balls... a cherry bomb. This video will show you just how to make a ping pong ball cherry bomb, so gather up your materials and get started.

You'll need those ping pong balls, a couple boxes of matches (for the match heads), electrical tape, scissors, and a knife. To make this match head cherry bomb, basically you're just going to cut all of the match heads off and stuff them inside the ping pong ball for a grenade that fits right in your pocket.


nice vid

add some sparkler powder crushed off a sparkler (duh!) or two
to add to the explosion.

add gun powder for a lot more bang

How to blast????

Get a tennis ball drill a hole in to it. Fill half way with Flash Powder the ofter half with red tip wooden matches heads. Wrap in Tinfoil, whole roll electric tape by pulling tightly with tape without breaking it. Throw it up in the air as high as you can. Run an take cover. BOOM!!! REALLY LOUD!!! But if nothing happens make a campfire get it nice an HOT put ball in the middle of fire and Run Like HELL & Take Cover!!! March 7, 2014

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