How To: Make a match bomb or p15

Make a match bomb or p15

Check out this explosive video tutorial to see how to make a match bomb, otherwise known as a P15.


You will need matches, masking tape or duct tape.

Rip off the striker on the side of the match box, rip only half way down.

Now open the box of matches and lightly tap it on the ground so all the matches line up. Place the striker in the box facing the matches.

Tape it very tight by going length wise and bredth wise. Also tape around the sides. Taping diagonally across the box is very important, otherwise you'll get no BANG! Use enough tape so you cannot feel the pointed corners and the box feels cushioned... use a lot of tape.

Now all you have to do is peg it hard at a wall or the ground and hope it works. If it doesn't blow up, pick it up and try again, it will work eventually. One of two things will happen: it will go bang or if you made it wrong, smoke will just hiss out of the corner.

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