How To: Make a Lighter Bomb with a Cheap Disposable BIC Lighter

Make a Lighter Bomb with a Cheap Disposable BIC Lighter

Making a lighter bomb can be an easy thing to do if you follow my steps—and above all—be SAFE!


Do not attempt to modify your lighter before doing this. It could result in sever burn injuries. Also, please do not use it in hostility (i.e. throwing it at someone).

What you'll need

  • A disposable lighter with a button that releases the flame. It could also be a "wheel" lighter (BIC).
  • Tape. It may be duct, masking or Scotch tape, whichever one you think has the best holding quality (I prefer duct tape).


Step 1 Adding the tape to disposable button lighter

Take your lighter and a long piece of tape. Wrap the tape around the lighter button, while at the same time applying pressure on the button. Press it all the way down so that it ignites the flame. Make sure your tape is able to hold the button down by itself, if not, adjust the pressure.

Step 2 Adding the tape to a wheel-style BIC disposable lighter

For this part you will need another heat source such as a candle or another lighter. Take your lighter and hold down the button like you would with a button lighter. As you are holding the button, move your lighter towards the igniting flame to get yours lit. The lighter should ignite. Then do the same taping procedure that was done in "Step 1" with the button version.

Step 3 Making the explosion

Make sure that the tape is holding the button and that the flame is fully ignited. Then take hold of your lighter and throw it as hard as you can downwards to the ground. It should explode.


Do not attempt to do the explosion in an area with dry grass, people and places that have things that could catch on fire—e.g. do NOT do this in a forest.


  • The more Butane in the lighter the bigger the explosion! It's that simple!
  • I recommend that you do not do this on a windy or rainy day. You don't want your flame to go out, because if it does you will not be successful in this.
  • When you throw your lighter, throw it straight on the ground. Do not throw it up in the air. The flame will go out and it will result in failure.
  • For both the wheeled lighter and button lighter, for maximum safety, tape the button down first and light the emitted gas with a secondary flame.

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