How To: Make a jam jar jet

Make a jam jar jet

In this video tutorial, Bre Pettis of Make Magazine makes a jam jar jet. A jam jar jet is basically a jet inside a jar. This project requires a drill, and of course a jelly jar. The smaller the whole, the more powerful the rocket. And don't forget the methyl alcohol for fuel, like gas line antifreeze (Heet or STP), Some of them even say "made with jet fuel." What better to use? Don't forget, fire is dangerous, so get out the safety glasses and be careful and enjoy your jet-like flames in a glass jar, way better than a birthday candle.


yea it's great

Any one know how much thrust this puts off?

it uses about 18 psi.. i made on withfriend n put it on a cat thing we made for it haha... it faied :P

Where can i but that book?

Sorry. Where can i BUY that book?

online is the only place i could find it but i bet if you were to visit your local Chapters they will order it for you( you wont have to pay shipping and handling)

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