How To: Make incendiary ammo

Make incendiary ammo

How to Make incendiary ammo

This video will show you how to change regular air gun ammo into incendiary ammo.

* You need .22 hollow point ammo and non-safety matches.
* Cut the ends off of the matches. Collect the tips in a small tray and add a few drops of water, and mix until dissolved.
* Fill the top of the pellet with the max head solution. Leave to dry.

By using these you'll have a blast. Be sure to use good safety precautions before attempting any project like this.


how long on average do you have to mix up the match tips

there's one thing I dont understand, aren't you supposed to put a pellet on top of it? it doesnt seem like just the explosive charge alone has a very long range. I also thought that "incendiary ammo" ment the bullet or pellt itself would be fired by a charge, then it explodes on contact with your enemy or target

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