How To: Make an impact flash bomb

Make an impact flash bomb

How to Make an impact flash bomb

Learn how to make an impact flash bomb! With this video tutorial, you'll be making ninja grenades in no time! Throw these grenades to the ground and make your escape in a flash of puff and smoke. To make these flash bombs, you'll need a ping pong ball, sandpaper, superglue, flash powder, tissue, matches, and scissors.

Make an impact flash bomb

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defenitly gonna try this. any tutorials on impact smoke bombs for daytime?


where the hell u get flash powder from

it said in the video dumb@*$#!

It said how to make it, but where the hell do you buy potassium perchlorate and alluminum powder 400+ mesh?

AL powder is in paint stores and KNO3 can be used as a substitute for potassium perchlorate and is found in stump remover

No, no it can't. KNO3 is not powerful enough to substitute for KClO4 unless you also swapped the aluminum for magnesium or magnalium (MgAl alloy).

tite in how to make flash powder

Very good!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant get mine to ignite!! HELP!!



sweet! great for airsoft,paintball, or even just fun!

anyone hav ideas for an impact smoke bomb?

for a smoke bomb i would suggest a bigger ball. the more smoke the better. other than that this way should work.. the match heads in a tennis ball were fun lol

definetly gonna try this sometime


Loaf likes da Pretty lights!!!

Lol loaf wtf? Like every video ive watched you're like "Loaf likes da (insert topic here)!!!"

Have you been Stalking Loaf?!?

NOW IM A REAL NINJA..AHHHHHHH!!!!!...(damnit, ninjas r silent)

Ehh? I thought flash powder was white... Sure that isnt gunpowder? Because flash powder goes off if you drop it, leaving no need for matches. Atleast good flash powder does.

ohhhh wooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! dat was awesommmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! gotta fill it up it a bigger ball.... how plastic tennis ball.................. fuuuukkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where do you get the ingredients?

its really easy to make the flash powder. all u need is magnesium and... hum i forgot but look it up on youtube or on metacafe they both have great vids on how to make flashpowder.

thats so sexy. im guna b the neighborhood ninja. the #$%@ i am. lol

finally i can avenge my family !!


Do they sell flash powder in Europe?

1- the "tissu" is wc paper huh?
2- where do you get all that stuff? (KNO3; bake soda...)
3- ty dude i was about to go ninja/assassin in LARP and now i know how to pwn everybody O=)

How do you stabilize them before usage!? It seems to
me that it would be too dangerous to just keep in your pocket.

if i only knew where to get potassium perchlorate and that stuff i'd make this for my trebuchet!

i bet i can set a fire in my neighborhood now......THANKS! ( LOL )

To find this stuff... its pretty hard, even in the US. Unless you know how to work anti-gov magic, its a bitch to buy as an individual after 9/11. Only if you have the proper authority / licenses can you get it (i.e. fireworks companies, etc.)


Interesting, I'll have to check out the other vid on how to make the flash powder.

its cool i really and really enjoyed it and it
also shows some common sense in it
its really very very cool and every body
might be enjoying this video like me!!!

hey baby its really cool

awesome. but where do you suppose i get flash powder w/out killing myself in the kitchen?? more on the flash powder and it would be an A vid.

just take a simple fireckracker,and crack it and voilla,you will get flash powder

where do u get the flash powder? awsome bomb though :()

Well from on now shooting eggs production will get some competition
We are well known in other sites.
All Hail Tech-M!!!

I'm a screen writer looking for info on how a teenager could create a high-impact (rather compact) explosive with easily found materials. Any ideas are welcome.

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