How To: Make homemade napalm fire starting goo

Make homemade napalm fire starting goo

How to Make homemade napalm fire starting goo

This video tutorial shows how to make homemade napalm fire starting goo with only a couple of common ingredients. This is not the safest material to make, so be careful. You will need three things to make this fire starter: a container, styrofoam, and gasoline. Then, to light the napalm goo, use a fire steel and a knife.


would lighter fluid work?

looks like a hell of a fun to do!


FIRE ARROWS !!! SPARTA style bitches !!!....(call ur friends)

Wow, fire arrows. You sound like my cousin. He always says "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"

i made it yesterday and it works pretty nice

im gonna make some right now

nice lighter...........where did you get it? :p

can some one type out the instructions it wont load on my cp

i never get tired of watching this..

That was really interesting. I will have so much fun with that.

to add 5 MORE min of gooie FLAMES add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 of baking soda after dissolved strofoam then mix and ther u hav it!!!!

why didnt u just use a lighter

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