How To: Make homemade napalm fire starting goo

Make homemade napalm fire starting goo

This video tutorial shows how to make homemade napalm fire starting goo with only a couple of common ingredients. This is not the safest material to make, so be careful. You will need three things to make this fire starter: a container, styrofoam, and gasoline. Then, to light the napalm goo, use a fire steel and a knife.


would lighter fluid work?

looks like a hell of a fun to do!


FIRE ARROWS !!! SPARTA style bitches !!!....(call ur friends)

Wow, fire arrows. You sound like my cousin. He always says "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!"

i made it yesterday and it works pretty nice

im gonna make some right now

nice lighter...........where did you get it? :p

can some one type out the instructions it wont load on my cp

i never get tired of watching this..

That was really interesting. I will have so much fun with that.

to add 5 MORE min of gooie FLAMES add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 of baking soda after dissolved strofoam then mix and ther u hav it!!!!

why didnt u just use a lighter

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