How To: Make a homemade fuse from potassium nitrate and sugar

Make a homemade fuse from potassium nitrate and sugar

How to Make a homemade fuse from potassium nitrate and sugar

Check out this explosive video tutorial on how to make a homemade fuse from potassium nitrate and sugar. It's fairly simple and straightforward, so you could easily make thousands of them.

You'll need a some potassium nitrate, some sugar and ordinary tissue paper. It's like rolling a joint, but you can't smoke this, not in the normal sense anyways.

This is one hell of a cheap homemade fuse for any of your bomb-making or firework display needs.



like it.!

good as

but the best fuse in my opinion is sparklers because the rarly go out, cheap and even a 15 year old can buy it

good, good ... kinda hard to find potassium nitrate though :/ anything else you could use?

go on ebay and type "Kno3"

u should use stump remover or salt peter

all I could find when I started making explosives was some plastic green cord that burned but went out in seconds.

So I sprayed it with deodorant and it works awesome!


is it powder sugar?

Nice burn rate! A nice improvement on this would be to make it water resistant with a nitrocellulose laquer coating. You make the NC laquer by disolving ping pong balls in pure acetone(professional nail polish remover). Cut a ping pong ball/balls into small peices and for each ball you use add 30ml acetone in an airtight glass jar with lid. Once it is the consistancy of paint it is ready for use. Dip your fuse and allow it to dry. Two coats will make it waterproof.(let it dry between coats)Snip off the ends for easy lighting. Now you have nice water resistant fuse. If you don't believe it google "composition of ping pong balls" and you will see they are made of cellulose nitrate. Enjoy and be safe.

actually the sugar slows down combustian i dont know how putting less sugar made it last longer..

id laugh if some junky picked it up and thought it was a joint. hed be in for a surprise

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