How To: Make homemade fireworks out of flint

Make homemade fireworks out of flint

In need of some cheap fireworks, no problem... this explosive video tutorial will show you how to make homemade fireworks out of flint. In order to make these pyrotechnic fireworks, you'll need a flint cigarette lighter, a paper clip (as flint stand), pliers, a long lighter and a steel ruler (for striking).

To make the flint fireworks, you'll need to get the flint out of the cigarette lighter and wrap the spring around it. Then put the spring onto the paperclip and light it with your long lighter until the flint glows. Then slap it with the metal ruler and watch the sparks fly.


cant you just throw it on the ground..thats what my friends do

YOu can just peel off the metal part at the top of the lighter and get the stuff out that way without pliers and much faster. try it, it's easier man.

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