How to Make homemade firecrackers with household items

Learn how to make homemade firecrackers with household items, with this video tutorial. Dig around your house and finds some Lego barrels (yes, Legos), a small screwdriver, toothpicks, blasting caps, a small cup, paper tape, and some water Make sure to have fun with these fireworks, but be safe.


wow those little things have some major power!

what are blasting caps?

small things you find at delies or opshops

they come in packs of 144 or yu can get a startong pack which comes with a cap dart to explode thecaps

hope this answers your question

these tiny bombs are awesome
but the german blasting caps are to weak. :(

tel me about it

the ones i bought didnt make that much of a loud noise when you blast them with the dart

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