How To: Make a homemade firecracker

Make a homemade firecracker

How to Make a homemade firecracker

In order to make a homemade firecracker, you'll need a store-bought or homemade fuse, some flash powder (potassium perchlorate and magnalium), a spoon, a shell, and knife. This video tutorial will take you through the steps to making the firecracker and finally... setting it off.


if any1 knows how 2 make any kind of exploding powder please tell me (

just look for How to make black powder

hey, can you explain to me how you make the flash powder.

how do u make the flash powder?

where can u bu the potassium perochlorate and magnalium

how do you make the flash powder?? email me at

I cant make flash powder tell me your trick

I am enthralled by this please tell me all the mixing secrets to make load noises & bright lights

you can hear his mom!!!!!!!!

from where did u get the flash powder

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