How To: Make homemade black powder without sulfur

Make homemade black powder without sulfur

This explosive video tutorial will show you how to make homemade black powder without using any sulfur.

All that you will need is paper, a cooking plate, water, a mortar and pestle, charcoal, two cups powdered sugar, KNO3 (potassium nitrate), a spoon, and a digital scale.

After watching this video you will be able to make your very own black powder without sulphur, for use in whatever pyrotechnics you need; firecrackers, bombs, etc.


It'd be nice to know where you can get that kno3 stuff.

you can get it off ebay its like $5/1 lb.

Go to a gardening store. It is also used as fertilizer.

Buy it off Amazon

Its sold as stump remover at home depot

Spectricide tree stump remover if u haven't found that out in 7 years tho

Kno3 is also known as saltpeter. It is used in various things like fireworks, smoke bombs, and it is one of the three ingredients of black powder (duh).. It can be found in stump remover ( maybe also called stump rot) at places like Lows and Tractor supply or any lawn and garden store. They most successful Stump remover is called "Gorden's Stump Remover" which is 99.9% KNO3 and it can be bought at tractor supply for about $6. It comes in a bottle about 7inches tall and has a child safety cap on it : ] but make sure that you have a morter and pastel (cant spell but u get the point) because it comes in big granules about 1-3mm thick which are useless so it must be ground up (the finer the better)

or if you live in Iceland (where Kno3 is used for cooking) you can buy it almost anywhere

Last comment i posted was for educational purposes only to further educate u on chemistry.......srry 4 double post

I would clean the pestle&mortar each time a new ingredient is added or you may get a nasty surprise. A better oxidiser is Potassium Chlorate (liberates more oxygen)... or use weedkiller (sodium chlorate).. but sodium chlorate is hygroscopic (absorbs water) so store it with some silica gel in an airtight container. Just potassium chlorate and red phosphorus (or magnesium powder instead of red phosphorus) will make a serious explosive... but only mix loosely and NOT in a pestle&mortar or it will kill you!

do you have to cook it

will any charcoal work?

It doesn't load for me :{

how long do you cook it for why didnt mine burn can i over cook it help

You can also buy KNO3 at your local pharmacy for a fairly low price, just look for saltpeter. The nice part is that it already has fairly small gran.ules

erm, we used to make similar without "cooking" anything. not so much a bang but very very hot burning and makes excellent rocket fuel used in the correct volume to air ratio's, it melts through sheet steel but not as efficiently as thermite which is actually, Genius.

Sorry for re-posting but i do not understand the risk of cooking this material?

the worst case scenario is that it burns in the pan because it a) wasn't stirred or b) was too dry. then your house could catch on fire, bla bla bla, etc

So.. why go through all this trouble when it takes about the same amount of effort to buy the KNO3 stuff as just buying black powder..?

Potassium Nitrate (saltpetre/KnO3) is fine... but better to use Potassium Chlorate (more powerful oxidiser) - also you wouldn't need any charcoal... the sugar would be fine. For extra fun, try potassium chlorate and red phosphorus OR potassium chlorate and magnesium poweder... but be prepared to lose a limb!!

hey anyone know where i can get sulfur? i think its used in fertilizer, but i dnt want to seperate it. are there any products that are over 90% sulfur that u kno og?

Bullseye is much more efecient!

saltpeter plus suger will have a similer but slower burning effect but you still need to cook it

get some potassium nitrate here

good, good,hahaha,

You can get KNO3 at a gardening store, It's used in stump removers.

AND, IMO, black powder without sulphur will not do as good as sulphur can. To make better explosives, get sulphur!
BTW you can ask any school chemistry teacher where to get sulphur OR steal it straight from the lab. :P

sulphar lets see ebay

ask for these chemicals in a pharmacy in the UK and you will be refused and reported. Run away. The anti-terror laws are draconian and the policing very hostile. Your description, address, fingerprints, photos and DNA will be taken and kept on file forever. Yes even if there is no case against you, you will be a suspect person for life!

does the sulphur make this material explosive. im unsure of the secret talk i wanna play with some actual explosives in my garden any know how this is possible


the vid doesn't worke

this is pretty usefull........ i make my own bellets for my 20 20 and its alot cheaper than buying gun powder and putting it in the bullet saves alot of cash make sure you clean the barrel out ........

It seems as though there is too high a risk of the liquid exploding inside the pan when cooking it.

it wont explode unless you confine it to a enclosed container like a pipe box etc however if you cook it too long it will flare up and probably remove any hair it comes in contact with

is he cooking in the dark why the flashlight

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