How to Make a homemade airsoft claymore from rat traps

Check out this video tutorial on how to make a homemade airsoft claymore from rat traps. Yep, that's right... a powerful airsoft claymore bomb with two rat traps. Remove all of the useless parts from them and do a little bending and grinding to form them correctly. Make a wooden box and make a firing mechanism for it and plant it for an unsuspecting victim to unleash it on.


what type of rat trap is that

i like it i will have to try that when i get the chance to build it any diagrams avaible

i want step by step instructions on how to build this! send it to my email

awsome its works good on neighbor dogs

Nice job! good video, i understood every part of it A+

massive fan!! any more stuff like this let me know got me so excited i just happen to have two rat traps in my hand now :)

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