How to Make a high flying vinegar and baking soda water bottle rocket

Mentos and coke water rocket? Been there, done that and such an old trick. If you're a fan of (relatively) safe explosives but the thought of packing another Mentos into a two liter makes you groan, then this water bottle rocket will be a pleasant alternative.

Using vinegar and baking soda as the reactants (rather than an air pump), you'll learn how to create a water bottle rocket that can go upwards of 50 feet up into the air, where it will finally knock off that pesky bird that always wakes you up at 6 in the morning.


asome,but how much baking soda?and what if i use more vinigar than water?

i ask the same daniel asked-how much baking soda?

doing this for my sons 12th birthday party!!
Thanx so much!

can i also use a normal lid if i dont have a cork


what abt calcium carbonate +water exo reaction ........

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