How To: Make a flour bomb

Make a flour bomb

Learn how to make a bomb using flour and a balloon.


its ok.

ok that looked kinda fake but i think its real cause i think there isn't graphics like that

I know it isn't fake because flour mixed with oxygen does that.

thats bigger than the other bombs

what do you light on fire? i tried putting paper under it and lighting it on fire and the balloon popped but it didnt blow up like in the video! someone please reply! this looks really cool and i really want it to work so please help me!

it does work, but its hard to get it to work. google flour bombs. theres scientific explanations to why it works, and its rather simple. you just need the correct flour:air ratio.

i havent gotten it to work though




firemaster has a good point do u need some sort of fuse?

I gues so otherwise it would go boom instantly

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone should give me an American I.p plzzzz i beg......

How u get it to explode

#$%@y you tokyo drift bastard ive seen small dogs have a bigger punch than that so go #$%@ yourself with that so called rocket gun i wanna blow up cars in my junk yard

that is def, fake

/\ than why would you make a vid for something fake?? ur an idiot /\
holy #$%@. seems way to big explosion for just flower. i have no idea how that works. but really easy though. and why where would i do it if i cant do it at home? school? duh your gonna do it at home.

This is a very simpel bomp.
It blows up because the flour spreads out inside the ballon.

- I find the easiest way to get it to blow, is that when I put a SMALL amount of fireing liquerd on the ending of it (there where you blow air in).
I cant get it to make as big a fire thou.. But its get great enough to close down the school..
Or just having fun scaring kids in the woods ;)

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