How To: Make fiery, nuclear-style mushroom clouds with flames, water and wax

Make fiery, nuclear-style mushroom clouds with flames, water and wax

One of the most fascinating things in life is fire. But fire is even better when it's an explosion. And with this video, you'll learn how to make a huge, Hollywood-style, mushroom cloud of FIRE!

These are huge explosions involving wax, water and a fire pit— call it the incredible paraffin wax bomb! Making a cool fireball is easier than you would think, and your complete materials list is:

* Tin Can
* Scrap Wood
* Candles
* Hatchet
* Cup
* Tape
* Water
* Pole / Rod

Be extremely careful though. This is extremely dangerous! And this explosion of flames could scare your neighbors, so don't do it right next to their house, or your house for that matter. Create a nuclear-like explosion you will probably live through— hopefully.



wax go boom

good video

Wasn't nearly as loud as I would've expected... Still, pretty damn cool. Just gotta make sure you're not anywhere near any trees or dry grass...

For the record, several friends and I tried this.

It was every bit as awesome as this video suggests.

Arsonist for Life, cool vid

Arsonist 4ever done it one, got addicted, put wayy to much was in (15ish 8cm candels) and did it=kabomie+huge musroom cloud fallout style
also do it sideways!

yepp. :] just promise you wont go blowin up any airports ;]

just airports?

cant wait to do this next year at the campsite. woooohoooo!!!!

Let's Not Say Arsonist,Pyromaniac has a more Palatable Taste.
The Former Implies Criminality.

Yeah. We did this about 40 years ago.
We used wax and gasoline.
Shook the power lines above.
We panicked. Couldn't figure out how to put it out.
Threw a bunch of gravel in it.

siq, careful you dont burn those trees down


Same thing happens if you dump water on boiling veg. oil .-.


holy crap! thanks i will be using this in the movie im making!

The kids thought it was COOOOL, its my duty as a dad to say impressive but dangerous, make sure the stick is a bit longer than you THINK you need.

We tried this, and the flame was 6 times bigger. It was easily bigger than our house and nearly set fire to our neighbours garden and house (oops). We used two large homebase candles (homebase is from the UK) and surgical spirits to make the fire hotter. If you use more than one candle make sure no one sees you. it is such a #$%@ing huge explosion!!

lol the first 30 seconds are just like the axe beating up various materials

yeah thts happened to me lol bye bye eyebrows

this is the coolist thing i have ever done. was fun making FLAMES!!!. arsonist for ever now. lol

Yeah Thats cool

one time at a little party me my sister and a friend where at a fire and we put some soda cans in the fire and they had candle wax in them. later on in the party we went to put out the fire and we toke some water and dumped it on the fire the water spilled the wax and we had a little mushroom cloud for a few seconds it was sick but made us jump caus we had no idea what would happen lol =)

the fire department will be all over ur ass

what would happen if i used oil instead of water ?????

Boiling oil and cold water create an explosion not just a fireball


cool vid.gotta wonder who the hell was sitting at a fire the first time and was like ima dump a cup of water on this wax.....and then id like to see his medical bills and hair replacement thereapy

Wow Thats Freaking Amazing Holy Crap i Should Try that out :D

how do you do it the video does not work if anybody can say how I'd apreciate it

im gonna try to do this next time i go camping, hopefully they wont kick me out of the park.

forget putting crap in a bag and lighting it on fire, i'll put this on their porch and see what happens.

cooooool but i know that already

will any candles work? and does it work on a smaller scale?

I tried this out but all I got was a vertical flame going straight up no mushroom explosion is there a certain ratio of wax to water that I would need to use? Or use more wax?

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