How To: Make fast black powder or gun powder

Make fast black powder or gun powder

Check out this explosive video tutorial on how to make fast black powder or gun powder. Keep in mind, this is a fast and simple way to make black powder for your pyrotechnic needs, but it may not be the most-liked technique. It's simple and efficient.

You will need potassium nitrate or Grant's Stump Remover, sulfur, and ground charcoal to make this black powder. You really have to grind it all together really well -- a coffee grinder works pretty good. This is great for fireworks and weapons.


Is this guy the president of the International Gay Retard Foundation or what? What a completely ignorant, non-scientific little narrative. It's not even black powder, unless it has been granulated after mixing using water or alcohol.

yah i agreee mrnico and as for your sulfur question x2x hawaii you can get it in hawaii but seriously x2x you can get it at a f***ing science store or motherf***ing ebay you dumba** if you want gunpowder heres how if this is the oonly vid you watch you take a s***load of bullets and a saw and you cut the bullet open carefully and voila gun powder

were can i buy ingridients

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