How to Make an explosive toilet bowl cleaner and foil bomb

With the plethora of chemicals in homes today, it's easy to make a bomb here and there. This video tutorial will show you how to make an explosive toilet bowl cleaner and foil bomb. For your supplies, gather up some toilet bowl cleaner, specifically "The Works", a water bottle, some aluminum foil and some rubber gloves. Soon enough you'll have an awesome chemical grenade.

"The Works" toilet bowl cleaner contains hydrochloric acid which burns on contact with skin, so make sure to use the gloves. If large amounts get on your skin or eyes, wash under cold water for 15 minutes or seek medical help.


does it have to be the works cleaner?

My nephews did this tonight with several types of bottles (a Gatorade bottle with the cap taped on worked best) and it was very cool...though it made a big brown stain on the grass...I'm sure my parents will be pissed when they see the spot tomorrow morning!

that called the works bomb and its illeagle

dude.. just use pool acid (HCl) and sodium/calcium hypochlorite ("chlorine" for your pool (HTH or bleach works well for this)... oh and make sure you breathe those fumes in real good! nice yellow hypochlorite fumes for your lungs! ;) cancerrrrrrrrrrrr

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