How To: Make explosive sparkler bombs

Make explosive sparkler bombs

This weapons video tutorial will show you how to make an easy homemade explosive sparkler bomb with ordinary household items.

You'll need some ordinary sparklers, and aluminum soda pop can (or similar object), a button battery (this is optional, but makes it explode), and a pair of scissors.

Cut the top of the can, break up the sparklers into the tin can, leaving one sparkler for the fuse, and then put the watch battery in the Coke can.

This cool sparkler bomb will give you years of enjoyment, or minutes if you don't like it. See the can light up on fire, exploding before your very own eyes, eyes hopefully wearing safety glasses, that is.



Weak ....... totaly

weak but cool......only if u want battery acid everywhere!!!!

you call that a bomb!
u suck

use soda charges for the explosion cause theyre awesome and cost like $10 for a box of 10 and just sit the base in the sparklers. its pretty sweet...

ya you stare at it and then you get battery acid in your eye

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