How to Make an easy electronic igniter with a Christmas light

Here is a video tutorial on how to make an easy electronic ignitor out of a Christmas light. It's fairly simple and straightforward, so you could probably turn out 10 ignitors in 5 minutes.

To make this cool ignitor, you will need a Christmas light, needle nose pliers, a Bunsen burner, a 9v battery, water, alligator clips, black powder (or your pyrotechnic composition of your choice, like flash powder), and tape. This is a great fireworks lighter!


nice job,
but do you know a electronic igniter
that you can make out off stuff
in you own house...

Try making one from the inner workings from a peizo electric one from a grill lighter...those come in with a great trigger already and works great with black powder in a capsule (like one for medication)

awesome. But it wud b easier 2 just set up 2 copper srews a few mm appart, then attach a cordless drill battery 2 the end. maybe have like a switch on it.

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