How To: Make a Crazy Sparkler Bomb That Actually Explodes

Make a Crazy Sparkler Bomb That Actually Explodes

How to Make a Crazy Sparkler Bomb That Actually Explodes

Sparklers are fun, but you can actually step up those mini handheld fireworks into something fit for a pyrotechnics show — as long as you're being careful and extra cautious. With the right technique and safety in mind, you can turn a few packs of sparklers into a crazy sparkler bomb that actually explodes.

WARNING: This is extremely dangerous if you're not being safe. Make sure to use 10" sparklers or longer. Make sure to tape it well. And don't overdo it. Also make sure that you're far away, and that everyone else is too — including animals. To minimize the danger, try making some DIY fuses.

First, watch the video, then scroll below for some quick notes to success.

  • Use 10-inch sparklers. Shorter ones won't work or won't create the intended effect.
  • Use electrical tape or "strapping tape" (has fiberglass threads through it) when wrapping your sparklers.
  • Tape layers go like this: electrical, strapping, electrical, strapping, electrical, strapping, strapping (x2).
  • Make sure you wrap it TIGHT (as tight as humanly possible).
  • Before you start wrapping with tape, make sure you pull one sparkler about 2–3 inches out of the middle of your bundle. Flatten all the rest. It's important to pull it out enough so it doesn't set off the rest when you light it since this one sparkler is your makeshift fuse.
  • Leave the sticks on the sparklers so you can stick it in the ground (and save time).
  • MAKE SURE you stick it in the ground diagonally so that it doesn't start prematurely.
  • Remember to RUN because the shockwave is intense and there may be shrapnel thrown into the air.
  • Be careful. See warning above.
Cover image via Jordan Powell/YouTube


My cousin did this.. He is in the hospital. His left leg has been amputated, they do not know if they are going to be able to save his right leg. He is 24 years old. Think before you do this stupid crap!

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